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Submissions - July 22 to August 16, 2019

USP students are registered in their School/Institute to make their presentation. Students from other Universities choose the School/Institute related to their field of study.

For foreign students who want to subscribe and need help with the guidelines or any information, please send an e-mail to:


Presentations at the Schools/Institutes - September 02 to October 11, 2019

Oral presentation and discussion sessions, with slides, videos or other methods, at the discretion of each Institute, which also define the dates of the presentations.

International Stage (Cidade Universitária, São Paulo) - November 05, 2019

The best evaluated students participate in poster sessions with participants from all knowledge areas and invited foreign students.

Students who have the most nominations from International Stage evaluators are selected to present their work at International Universities!

SIICUSP International Stage - Location

Centro de Difusão Internacional

Av. Prof. Lúcio Martins Rodrigues, 310 - Bloco A - Cidade Universitária

CEP: 05508-020 - São Paulo - SP