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USP International Symposium
of Undergraduate Research

The University of São Paulo's International Symposium of Undergraduate Research (SIICUSP) is an annual event in which undergraduate students communicate the results of their research projects, developed at USP or other universities. It also aims at helping students improve their academic research skills and at fostering the interaction of researchers from different areas and levels in order to promote collaboration and multidisciplinary research. Since 2014, SIICUSP is held in two stages. In the first stage, each School, or group of Schools, hosts

 their own events, with participants of their subject areas. The students make presentations to an examining committee. The best evaluated students of each School are invited to a second event, in which they have the opportunity to present their projects again, this time in a multidisciplinary context. This second event (“International Stage”) takes place in our São Paulo campus, with a program open to all interested students, teaching staff, researchers and general public. Students from universities abroad also present their projects, selected by committees from their institutions.